It's All About the Music

Autonomic is a virtually invisible multi-room sound system that fills your home with great-sounding music. We know that whole-home audio comes in all shapes and sizes, which means you need an audio solution tailored to your own unique listening style. With Autonomic, your systems are scalable up to an impressive 32 streams and 96 zones. That means you can have the same audio source in every room, or different audio sources in different rooms.


Your New Favorite App

Designed with a music-first approach, this app allows you to search songs across services, add favorites, create scenes, and more.

The music-first approach allows for a streamlined listening experience across multiple services. Listening to a song on Spotify? Use it to start a Pandora radio station.

Global search will search across all of your streaming services and local files simultaneously to automatically select the highest-quality source for you to listen to.

Choose specific music and rooms to create a scene you can recall anytime you see fit. Hosting a party? Play your Party Scene, complete with custom dance tunes, rooms, and even a schedule.


Control System Integration

TuneBridge isn't limited to your personal devices either.

Autonomic works with ELAN home systems so you can control your music, lighting and thermostat all from your home system panel.

Products You'll Love

Autonomic offers a wide range of music streaming products for custom installs, including amplifiers, streamers, media servers, and keypads.



The world’s first cloud-based music streamer line connects music lovers to the greatest selection and highest quality of content. Stream Hi-Res Audio from local libraries, NAS, and all the most popular streaming services.



Our award-winning multi-room amplifiers increase dealer versatility and allow for whole-home amplification to as many as 96 rooms. IP-controllable and boasting 50 watts per channel, Autonomic amps have the power to drive high-end architectural and floor-standing speakers

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