Motorized Projector Screens

From Conference Rooms to Living Rooms

Motorized projector screens aren’t only limited to dedicated home theater rooms. They can be used to maximize a multipurpose space and get the most out of a room that needs to service multiple functions. Motorized screens can be used in residential and commercial spaces. They provide high contrast that is best suited for areas with high levels of ambient light. It absorbs the extra light, preserving vivid color balance and provide defined clear images. Meaning these screens can be installed in any room with lots of natural light like conference rooms, living areas, bedrooms, or outdoor entertainment areas.

Projector Screen

Super Quiet Motors

What’s best about motorized screens are the extremely quiet motors. The reliable motors drop from the ceiling in no time at all. There are also various control options such as your iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets, Elan g! wall mounted control station or your Universal Remote Control.

Acoustical Transparency

Other than completing a dedicated home theater with a motorized screen, typically these screens are chosen to maximize wall space. Meaning, homeowners, or business owners, will likely want to conceal their audio equipment. With acoustical transparency, AIC is able to conceal audio speakers behind motorized screens. Even more, the concealment will not diminish audio clarity!

AIC can provide various options that are custom tailored to your environment. Call our office to set up a complimentary walkthrough where we’ll discuss and meet your expectations.

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