TV Lifts

Hide Your TV Until You Need It

Adding customized concealment solutions for televisions, appliances, firearms or liquor cabinets is an attractive way hide unused home technology. AIC has partnered with Nexus 21, a reliable leader in the concealment system industry.

Kitchen TV Lift

Where Can A Custom TV Lift Be Installed?

As an integrator in home technology, we’ve designed and installed many motorized lifting solutions for audio video equipment. Our impressive TV lift installations can be custom installed to the back or inside of dressers, media cabinets, armories; nearly any piece of furniture desired. Other available lift options are drop down or flip down lifts that are installed inside the ceiling, a major attraction for any room.

Where Else Can I Integrate A TV Lift?

AIC can incorporate a pop up storage system into kitchen counter tops, wet bars, firearm cabinets, pool decks, poker tables or hidden safes. These hidden compartments can conceal  anything from kitchen appliances to save counter top space, or hide liquor and firearms from children or guests. Add an impressive liquor lift system to the center of a poker table that is easily controlled with just the touch of a button.

Foot Board TV Lift

How Quiet Are They?

Very! TV and storage lift systems are manufactured with an extremely quiet motor with a soft start and a soft stop. They’re also very easy to control. AIC can program these systems into a Universal Remote Control, or into a Lutron Radio RA 2 or HomeWorks system. Furthermore, because there are countless possibilities available, there is an affordable option for anyone.

AIC not only values our relationships with our clients, we strive to meet audio video goals for all. The strong partnerships with our vendors and local home builders allow AIC to meet those goals. We would love to have the opportunity to meet and discuss your TV and storage lift options.

Take a moment and browse through our customized TV lift portfolio, or videos from YouTube channel.

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