A New Accessory To Mount Your SONOS Amp

A New Accessory To Mount Your SONOS Amp



Flexson has released a series of three new wall accessories to support your Sonos Amp:  The SA-WM Wall Mount, SA-X4DK Dock, and SA-X4 WM Wall Mount. These range of mounts give us integrators, a variety of locations we can place the Sonos Amp. We’ve installed quite a handful of Sonos Amps in our clients’ homes, to say the least. The Sonos Amp is the most versatile and top-notch amplifier yet. We’re excited to incorporate these accessories for a sleek and clutter-free finish. Many of our clients always stress the importance of the absence of unsightly cables and wires running throughout the home. This is a perfect solution for those organizational demands.



Constructed from sturdy steel, The SA-WM Wall Mount places easily to a wall and the Sonos Amp slides into place to hang securely. No need to worry about excess cabling running out and around the mount, cable runs directly to the amp and is stylishly concealed behind a cover. To keep up with design, the mount can be color matched to complement the amp. If you want superior sound quality attached to your entertainment experience, the Flexson mount can be attached the rear end of TVs via VESA mounts. The SA-WM Wall Mount currently retails for $70.



Up next, we have the Flexson SA-X4DK Dock that supports up to four Sonos Amps in one single unit. A perfect solution for a compact and tidy installation. This dock allows for desk, cabinet or wall-mount placement providing more flexibility when it comes to the location you’ll be placing your amp/s. The Dock can also be color matched to your style preference. The retaining clips allow you to seamlessly slide your amps in and out for easy access. The Flexson SA-X4DK currently retails for $250.



And last but not least, we have the Flexson SA-X4 WM Wall Mount. Like the dock, you can mount as many as four Sonos Amps on the wall. Internal cable management ensures that all cables and wires are concealed behind a color matched cover. An included security screw ensures that your amps are locked down into place and cannot be shifted or removed unintentionally. You can also secure it into place with an additional padlock. A hinged design allows you to easily move the structure from left or right for accessibility. The Flexson SA-X4 WM Wall Mount currently retails for $225.


By: Wendy Wang