When Alexa Isn’t Enough

Ten years ago Alexa was just an average female name. Today, however, it’s an electronic staple in homes across the globe. For many people, Alexa was their introduction into the world of AI technology and home automation. Today, Alexa technology is capable of making to-do lists, podcast and music playback, controlling other Alexa compatible devices, and more, all using voice control. Show Alexa deviceOn the surface level, Alexa seems like the perfect assistant, making daily routines that much easier. All someone has to say is, “Alexa! Play my wake up playlist” or “Read my To-Do list” and she will oblige. But what happens when Alexa has trouble connecting to the internet or she loses connection with your streaming services? Next thing you know, you’re left without your oh so perfect assistant and are stuck with the frustration of figuring out the issues, which can be time consuming. Here are a few common problems people run into with Alexa technology: 

  • Issues finding and staying connected to other smart devices 
  • Loses connection to wifi (Even when the network is still running) 
  • Doesn’t respond to voice commands or responds when not prompted
  • Won’t respond to commands worded exactly right (e.g. you say “what do i need to do today?” but she needs you to say “Play my To-Do list”)
  • Won’t connect to all technology 

When you’re having constant issues like these with Alexa or find that you have technology that can’t be integrated with Alexa technology, it may be time for you to look into new home automation solutions. With a professionally installed, fully integrated system, these issues are practically eliminated. ELANpanel TVchannelsfootball 1Elan control systems can be utilized to seamlessly integrate your whole home audio/video, smart home security system, HVAC systems, and lighting all at the touch of the button or with voice control. Elan boasts a wide selection of products, varying in price, for every occasion. The best part? The technology is completely customizable to suit the needs of the user. Whatever you want done in your home, AIC can make happen using Elan technology. Power management products are also used to help protect expensive equipment from damage that comes with power outages, system reboots and power surges. With this technology, you know longer need to worry about system performance or your equipment during storms because that will all be done for you. Still clinging to Alexa for dear life? No worries! She can be easily integrated into your Elan system. Let us worry about the tricky stuff and let your technology do what it was meant to do, Make your life easier! 

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Don’t believe me? Do your own research! Even better, try to integrate a two story home with Alexa technology and see how far you get.

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