Custom TV Solutions: Ways to Hide a TV

When I was young, I remember being the dedicated channel changer. I’d sit close to the television – which isn’t recommend now, but where was the harm then? Meh.

Anyway, I’d sit close to the TV and turn the knob whenever my grandfather was tired of watching M*A*S*H, hoping for I Dream of Jeannie to pop up on the next channel.

Gosh, that TV was massive! My grandmother hated that thing. She’d complain that it clashed with her all her hard earned “gorgeous furniture”. I can still hear her nagging voice pestering my grandfather. In retrospect, I find this a bit amusing seeing that these old school tube TVs are practically the definition of the 70’s.

Fast forward 40 years and not only can we surf channels with our smart phones, we can turn our TV’s into a piece of art. Literally! We have the technology to hide small and large flatscreen TVs behind mirrors, or even turn them into a mirror. We can even hide them in armoires, media cabinets or ceilings. I wonder what my grandmother would think?

There are several custom options when trying to elegantly hide a TV. All of which can be designed and installed by our audio/video installers here in Bluffton, SC.

Here are just a few options . . .

In the Ceiling


Patio flip down TV lift by Nexus 21 – photo found on

Inside an Armoire


An elegant, custom armoire that can conceal a television. Built by Richard Best Custom Homes in Palmetto Bluff.

Turn it into a Mirror


Custom framed mirror TV built and installed by AIC. When we say Custom Mirror TV Frame we mean it!



Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors by Seura – photo found on

Inside a Media Cabinet


A Nexus21 lift system, built in to a custom antique media cabinet by AIC.

Behind a Dresser


Still completely functional as a dresser, AIC installed a Nexus 21 lift system to its back.

Behind a Piece of Art


55” Samsung HDTV within a Media Decor Eclipse art lift that was installed on Hilton Head Island by AIC

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