Essential Apps for College Students

Are you having trouble staying focused and wish there was an app to keep you on track? Well, there is. How about taking a second language? Are you lost and need some motivation? There’s an app for that too. Here are the top 8 apps you must have if you’re a college student!

Rate My Professors

This app is awesome for checking out which professors to take classes with or not. It’s very easy to use. You just search by school and subject and you can find ratings of teachers by students. It even allows students to leave comments so you can see why they got the rating they did.

Easy Bib

Citations and bibliographies for essays are no longer complicated with easy bib. The app allows you to easily site whatever source, whether it be a website (You can just drop the link) or a scholarly journal.


If, like most college students, you’re too lazy to read the full book, this app has you covered. It gives you a rundown of some of the most famous works of literature, so you don’t have to read it yourself. The app usually includes descriptions of character development, themes and symbols as well.


If you’re having problems in a language course and you need a little extra practice, Duolingo is for you. It’s an easy app to use and it’s very effective when learning a new language.

Self Control

Are you one of those students who just can’t put their phone down when you’re in class or writing an essay? This app is for you. It will block certain apps and websites from being accessed on your phone for a set amount of time to ensure no distractions.

Google Drive

Most students use google drive for its convenience, but did you know they had an app too? It’s super convenient, especially if you’re on the go and trying to memorize a presentation or even need to add some last-minute changes!


Most colleges use blackboard as a way of submitting assignments, contacting professors, and seeing grades. The app, is a recent development from blackboard. You can now do all of that from your phone!


Scholly is a great source for finding scholarships. It allows you to filter based on your needs and easily apply for a lot of scholarships, big and small.

If you’d like to share your essential college app, comment below!

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