Last Minute Halloween Tech Tips

Halloween is our favorite “Holiday” and if you’re like our team here at AIC, you’re probably still scrambling around with costume ideas, organizing taking your kids trick-or-treating and setting up for the party, but still have no idea what to do. Here are some last minute ideas!

Use your smartphone as a way to creep the hell out of people!

Download the app Digital Dudz and check out animated rolling eyes, beating zombie hearts, and bloody brains. Be creative and turn your dull mask into something freaky! Cut a hole in the top of it and add a third eye by securely taping your phone inside the mask to display the blood shot, rolling eyeball. So if your still scrambling for a Halloween costume, get creative and check out the app. You can check out some interesting costume ideas here.

Smoke out your pumpkin!

Take it to the next level using an e-cigarette. Using an e-cigarette filled with fog juice (I buy mine from the dollar store), you got yourself a smoking pumpkin. To pump air into an electronic cigarette attach it to an aquarium pump. It’s not hard and you can find a How-To here.

Freak your neighbors out with Mini-Me’s!

Have your kids dress up as you with a 3D mask of your face. Upload profile and front-facing photos to ThatsMyFace along with $25; they’ll email back a PDF file with a 3D origami version of your mug and instructions on how to cut and glue it into a mask. So realistic it’s a bit too much…

Know where your kids are the entire time they’re Trick-or-Treating!

If you have kids that are old enough to go out on their own, but you still want to know where they are at all times, then download the Track-n-Treat app. It’s free and all you have to do is download on to their phone; worry free because you know where they are all night long.

If you have any other ideas are tech tips, we want to hear about them! Leave your Halloween tech tip below.

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