Last Minute Mother’s Day Tech Gifts

What’s a good way to let your hardworking mama know how much you appreciate her? Good question! Think outside of that bouquet of flowers and get her something you know she’ll love. We tried to give you a variety of options, so just click on the link. It’ll take you right where you need to buy.

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  • Wireless Key Finder She’s a busy women and busy women don’t have a lot of time to waste trying to find their misplaced keys, let alone the patience. For just under $10, you’ll be able to help your mom save precious time, maybe even her mind.
  • Travel Charger We’ve mentioned this item before in our Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide (you might want to poke around there for some last minute tech ideas too) because it’s that awesome. It can charge unto 4 devices at the same time! Even better, it’s small enough to fit in nearly any purse, or handbag.
  • Fitbit With this gift, you’ll be able to help your mom stay on track to lose the 20 pounds she promised herself she’d lose. This wearable device can track sleep patterns and calories burned. Moreover, it can calculate the amount of steps taken throughout the day, and minutes she spent staying active.


Mother's Day Gifts

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  • Kate Spade Portable Battery Pack Maybe your mom doesn’t need a 4 device travel charger. Maybe she needs a cute backup battery for her mobile phone. This adorable phone charger can charge your moms phone up to 2 or 3 times before it needs to be charged itself.
  • Apple TV Now only $69 (price dropped a few months ago), your mom will be able to stream her favorite shows, watch her favorite movies, and airplay those adorable photos of you when you where a kid covered in soap suds, sitting in bathtub.
  • UE Mini Boom Packed with power, this portable bluetooth speaker is small enough to be taken anywhere. It’s easy to use and comes in 3 different colors. [/unordered_list]

Comment below if you have a Mother’s Day Tech Gift that should be on our list!

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