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I unabashedly live on the nerdy side of life. I am a vintage video game, bad scifi/horror film, fantasy novel reading nerd. We’ve touched on my aversion to interact with other humans while ordering food, but I’ll be honest – it also extends to buying things.


I am a card carrying member of Amazon prime, so I lovingly get free two day shipping on all my orders, provided they are from a seller who is fulfilled by Amazon. I love Amazon because they literally have everything my little nerd heart could desire. From witty cat t-shirts to hobbit coffee mugs, gourmet coffee and HDMI cords. Not to mention I also get HBO and Starz through my Amazon Prime Video subscription (Game of Thrones and American Gods- anyone?).  Given any chance what so ever, I will sing the praises of Amazon.

Found….Well- If you don’t know where Amazon is at this point, stop internetting now.


The guilty pleasure I’m not so guilty about. Every month has a theme, and every box is filled to the brim with assorted swag. T shirts, figurines, posters, coffee mugs, and socks; nothing is unheard of.  I’ve only received two boxes- but I am one happy lady. There are different options available including Lootwear (featuring only things you can wear), a DX box (its bigger), the classic Mystery box (the one I get), and for those of you who treat your pets like kids Lootpet (yep nerd themed dog gear). There are even further themed boxes for Jr. nerds, lady nerds, sock loving nerds, t shirt loving nerds, Anime enthusiasts and gamers alike. With boxes starting at about $10.00 a month – how could you not at least try?

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Humble Bundle

If you game, you should check out Humble Bundle. Each purchase supports charity and you get discounted games. None of the blockbuster games are in the first year of their release, but if you’re like me, that doesn’t really matter. Humble Bundle also has an excellent selection of indie games on a myriad of different platforms. But if you opt for their monthly option, you pay less than $15.00 a month for a game to be sent to you. This month it is Stellaris, and who knows what it will be next month.

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I’ve recently read some great reviews for other subscription crates or services, but these are the ones I know. They are tried and true. What are your favorite subscription boxes?

**** Please note I am not including my Xbox live subscription ****

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