Nest and Alexa: Perfect Match

We’re sure that by now you’ve seen the Amazon Echo commercials asking Alexa what the current temperature is outdoors, how many Oscars has Michael Baldwin won, or Missy Elliott’s new song. But now Alexa can set the temperature in your home with the help of Nest smart thermostats. Pretty neat!

Voice assisting technologies are popping up from their testing corners and it’s pretty obvious that Amazon is jumping ahead of the line.

With this new feature, you can tell Alexa to raise, or lower the temperature. You can ask her to adjust the humidity and even let her know you’re leaving for the day, but you’ll be back at 5:00, so make sure I’m comfortable when I get home. She’ll reduce the temperature and then make sure it’s set to your comfort level when you return. A serious energy saver!

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You might be asking yourself right now, “I can already set my Nest to learn my schedule, why would this benefit me now?” Well, let’s be honest with ourselves. How scheduled and predictable are we?

Sure, you can program your Nest to recognize that you work Monday thru Friday from 9:00 to 5:00 and it’ll adjust accordingly, but with the help of Alexa, you can just tell her what todo. We all know how much we hate our smart home technologies telling us what we can, or can not do. Now it’s our turn!

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