How to Determine Seating Placement

Often our clients ask how far from their from their television should their seating start, or how big of a TV should they get based on seating placement. For that reason, we’ve come up with an easy solution. The simplest way to determine minimum and maximum distance from a television or projector screen, is to follow this formula:

Media Room Seating Arrangement

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  • Measure the horizontal width of your television, not the diagonal length.
  • Take that number and multiply by 2. This is your minimum distance.
  • For maximum distance, take the horizontal width of your television and multiply by 5.


For example, if your television is 50 inches across, then the minimum distance for seating should be 100 inches away (about 8 feet and 3 inches away). The maximum distance is 250 inches away (about 20 feet and 8 inches away).

This formula is also perfect for determining dedicated home theater seating distance.



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