Video: Out of this Atmosphere Theater Room

Atmosphere like no other, designed for greatness. Advanced Integrated Controls is proud to present  this ultimate home theater experience. Every element to this home theater was carefully designed and not a single detail was overlooked. “Out of This Atmosphere” stands to be the most remarkable home theater installation of the year. An impressive 133” HD theater projection screen stands out front of this extraordinary project along with the most immersive sound system a client could ever ask for.

This “Out of Atmosphere” Home Theater was single handedly design with every aspect in mind. Paying very close attention to every detail. Projector, that’s immerging from the ceiling, to the very large 133″ projector screen.  The seating includes built in cupholders and possibly USB ports for device charging capabilities. Also, perfectly aligned,  for the very best viewing, also portraying the very look that Cinemas give; however, with much more comfort.

The design of this theater room has everything you need. Equipped with a Sony 4K Dolby Atmos Theater Room, touchpad controls, KEF THX certified speakers, Sunfire subwoofer, a push button for movie mode lighting system, and motorized shades.

Keep in mind the theater room cannot be complete without “movie butter popcorn”. A large box of “movie theater candy” and a large Coke Cola…. Finally, you can sit back and enjoy the show.

This is truly a work of art. Why go out to the movies when you can have this very same experience in your own home? Dig into your pockets, pull out that wallet and give us a call. Or check us out on our website at Because, We at AIC strive to make your dreams come true.

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