Smart Home With August Smart Lock

After a year in half since the first announcement, the August Smart Lock will be available at Apple Stores and the August website for $250. Back in May 2013, the company thought it was only a few months away from having the product ready to ship. Thus, more than 60,000 pre-orders were made. Due to various dead bolt sizes, August had to make a few adjustments. Now they’re finally shipping out backed-up pre-orders to their customers.

I’ve read numbers reviews, and of course with every new product their are defects, solutions and numbers updates. The August Smart Lock seems to be a pretty decent solution to Smart Home newcomers. Especially those who live in smaller apartments.

Heres how the August Smart Lock Works

The lock module takes the place of your existing deadbolt, and August says most people should be able to install it within about 10 minutes. The Smart Lock relies on Bluetooth and August’s mobile app on Android and iOS to function. Through the app, you can give others three levels of access to your lock–always; reoccurring on certain times and days; and temporary keys for a limited timeframe. The lock also has the ability to automatically lock and unlock when you come and go. When you’re near the front door, unlocking takes a single tap, and there’s also an Auto-Unlock option that will detect you nearing the door and open things up even if your phone’s in your pocket. You’ll also need 4 AA batteries that August promises will last a solid year and they’ll send you a reminder when the batteries get low.

Even though August is enjoying the opportunity to be a part of Apple’s smart home plans in the early days, August is already starting to work with Smart Home thermostat maker Nest. Since August is able to track the individual profile of each person entering a house, August could tell Nest’s thermostat to adjust the temperature based on that person’s preferences.

If you’re interested in an August Smart Lock, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

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