Social Tech Update: 5 Fun Snapchat Hacks

Snapchat is gradually becoming one of the most popular social networking apps, especially among the younger generations. The app allows you to instantly share pictures and videos with a touch of a finger while giving you access to neat features such as emojis and geofilters. So for those of you who are late to the Snapchat game, or for those who simply don’t know all the neat features Snapchat offers, here are some of the most useful Snapchat hacks.

Utilize Two Filters at Once

As you might already know, Snapchat offers ordinary filters, similar to those of Instagram. As well as unique geofilters that show where you are at the time of a snap, whether that be a big city, college, or special event.  You might think you can only use on filter at a time which would really stink if you wanted to make your eyes pop with one filter ,while simultaneously letting everyone know you’re visiting New York City. No need to worry though because snapchat actually lets you use two filters at once!

All you do is choose your first filter, hold your finger on the screen and swipe right to add the additional filter.

Pin an Emoji to a Video

Most people can simply put a cute emoji on a video, but did you know that you can actually pin an emoji so it moves with a certain element of the video? So if you want to conveniently place the kissy face emoji over the giant zit on your chin while dancing to your favorite song, you can do that!

All you do is record your video and choose the emoji you want to use from the emoji selection in the top right corner of the screen. Once you’ve selected the emoji, simply hold down on the icon over whatever object you want to pin it to, such as that giant zit or your dog’s face for example. Once you’ve done this, the emoji will actually move with the video!

Black and White Snapchat Colors

Snapchat offers a really cool feature where you can write or color over any picture or video with the pen feature. Many people complain about not having a black or white color option when in reality Snapchat does offer this feature.

All you do is press on the pen in the top right corner. Once you do this you will see a variety of colors drop down. Simply slide your finger across the colors and you will see the pen color change. For the white color option slide your finger towards the top left of your screen and for the black color option slide your finger towards the bottom right of your screen.

Longer Messages

Snapchat offers a feature that allows you to type out a message over your picture or video, but let’s face it, sometimes 33 characters just isn’t enough! No worries though because there is a hidden hack that allows you to make your messages absurdly long!

To do this, open the Notes app that comes standard with all iPhones. Open a new note and press enter a few times. Once you’ve done this double tap on the screen and copy the space you’ve just made on the note. Then go to snapchat and paste this into the typing feature overtop your photo or video. This allows you to type more than 33 characters for your message!

Save Previous Chats

In addition to sending photos and videos, Snapchat offers a chat feature similar to text message. One unique thing about the chat option is that the messages disappear after you exit from the one on one messages. This is great if you’re talking about something super-secret but not so much if you’re carrying on a normal conversation. It’s easy to forget what was previously said, especially if you’re going hours between each message. Luckily for you, snapchat allows you to save messages.

All you do is hold on to the message that either you or the other person sent and it will save in the chat for both of you to see! To access these messages later, enter the conversation between you and the other user and scroll up to see the previous chats!

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