Staff Pick: Favorite Pandora Stations

We love Sonos! And just for the record, Pandora isn’t dead!

Our AIC Pandora Radio is filled with stations from things like “60s, 70s, and 80s Hits Radio” to “Ramones Radio”. What can we say? Our inner-music-artist drastically change day-to-day!  Here are some of our favorite Pandora Stations.

AIC Pandora Station Creations

Jasmine Thompson Radio

We can all agree that there are times in our life when todo lists see impossible to overcome. There’s a moment where we dig deep looking for our innermost motivation coach. That’s what Jasmine Thompson Radio is for us. A variety of artists doing covers of today’s hits, but all of them are soothing. Some are just instrumentals. It allows our minds to relax, refocus, and accomplish what seemed to be a work overload.

Melanie Martinez Radio

If you haven’t had to the pleasure of listening to Ms. Martinez’s top hits, we strongly urge you to stop doing whatever it is you’re doing and look up Dollhouse, Cry Baby and Carousel. When you listen to Melanie Martinez Radio, make sure your Sonos PLAYBAR, SUB, and PLAY:5 are turned up a notch, or six!

Some of these songs have some butt kickin’ bass. Other songs are perfect sing alongs. Speaking of perfect songs to sign too, check out Madilyn Bailey Radio.

White Noise Radio

Anyone with a newborn, or toddler know that bedtime is as simple as lighting an ice cube on fire. What if we told you we had a bedtime, toddler fighting cure? It’s called White Noise Radio. Add a PLAY:1 to your nursery. We promise it will be your new best friend.

As you try to rock your little peanut asleep, open up Pandora and select this station. Not only does it help to sooth and relax your baby, but the mindless sounds help to keep baby asleep.

We promise. Give it a try.

Our owners, Jennifer and Curt, swear by it!


Hip Hop BBQ

Sometimes you just want to kick it old school. We get it, so do we! With Pandora’s Hip Hop BBQ station we can all reminisce about the past with Notorious B.I.G, Dr. Dre, Nelly and Blackstreet.

“I love it when you call me big papa…”

Yea, we see your head bobbin’.

Leave a comment below and tell us some of your favorite stations!

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