There’s an App for That!

There’s an App for That!

Ah, those summer months spent relaxing and enjoying the moment with your friends and family are coming to an end. Are you leaving your current residence to take a nice vacation? Or maybe leaving your favorite vacation destination back to your main home? Either way, I’m sure you start to get a little weary and nervous leaving your precious abode. Now you’re thinking, what ways can you relieve the stress of leaving your home absent for weeks or months away. We have come a long way with smartphone devices in the past few years. Initially, we were contempt with being able to email and surf the web from our phones. Now we have the power to do almost anything! With the power and technology of home automation systems, we are able to control our entire home with just a touch of our smartphone device. Most companies are making their services smartphone accessible due to the fact that most people are on the go and love the simplicity and convenience that a smartphone app can provide. There’s virtually an app for everything that we can download on our phones. What’s even better is that there are entire home systems that allow you to control everything on one single app. Elan Home Systems allows you to control a plethora of conditions in your home. Here are just a few systems you can monitor with a smartphone app from anywhere in the world.


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1. Lighting

This is a great aspect of your home that you can control from your device. Being able to control the lighting can enhance the security in your home. You can create lighting schedules to make it appear as if someone is home to trick burglars and unwanted guests. On top of that, this is great for conserving energy and cutting back on your utility bill; keeping on certain lights in the home instead of having them on all day every day.


2. Thermostat / HVAC

Being energy efficient is important as a homeowner. You can still save energy while you are away. Your home system will be able to find the most optimal indoor temperature, along with placing the least amount of pressure on your cooling and heating system. The Elan Home System provides you with a detailed report of your past usage so you’ll be able to adjust accordingly and find the most ideal way to save energy and cut back on utility bills.

3. Security

This might give you the biggest relief of all while you are away. The option to monitor your security systems and have access to the footage. It doesn’t stop there, the security system is connected to lighting, garage access, window sensors, motion detectors, doorbell cameras, and more. The security system communicates flawlessly with the motion detectors triggering lighting paths and smart locks. You will also receive alerts and notifications if anything triggers an alarm. Whether you are away or not, these are amazing security features that you can benefit from.

4. Safety Alerts

Every homeowner fears the unexpected potential mishaps that can happen from time to time. As an absentee homeowner, you may feel an elevated sense of anxiety and stress about this issue. No worries, an automated home system will send you alerts about water leaks from leak sensors; to which you’ll have the power to shut off the water system from your smartphone. You’ll receive instant alerts about smoke or carbon monoxide detection in the home and again, have the ability to turn off your ventilation system to prevent the spread of the source.

5. It’s Like You Never Left

Get this, you’ll be able to answer the door as if you never left! A two-way audio feature with a camera allows you to answer the door to accept packages and let the maintenance man or cleaning lady in. It even allows you to unlock the door in case a family member ever decides to come over while you are away. It will alert you as soon as you ring the doorbell and it’ll give you the option to answer or ignore the call. It will also notify you by motion detection upon the front door, even if someone doesn’t ring the doorbell.

You know what makes most people feel at ease? Power. The power to be control of the many different aspects of their lives. This is one simple way we can alleviate stress and feel in control of an important facet of our lives. No more wondering “what ifs?” and “Did I remember to turn that off?” Enjoy your time away and live in the moment without the weight of worries on your shoulders.


By Wendy Wang

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