Time Warner Frustrates Locals

Time Warner is said to be the most unpopular companies among consumers, not only for cable, but for all industries! Even though the merge was shut in the faces of millions of subscribers, Charter Communications is said to give its second bid to Time Warner Cable.

Either way, it doesn’t look like consumers are going to be satisfied. Some of the frustration with big, expensive cable television packages has been helping this idea of “cord cutting”.

In turn, increasing competition from services like Apple TV, Hulu and Amazon. Not to mention the era of “single channel” offerings like HBO Go. The problem is that people need strong WiFi and Internet connections. The demand for Time Warner Cable, Verizon and Hargray to improve the delivery of streaming services is higher than ever.

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Being a residence in Hilton Head, Bluffton and Palmetto Bluff can be frustrating because Time Warner wants you to pay more for spotty cable and bad broadband services. Time Warner subscribers are looking for better options. Since the rejection from Comcast, Charter Communications is going to have to do better. Whether Charter will have more success than Comcast in acquiring Time Warner Cable, it’s not all that clear yet. Either way, it seems that Charter is motivated to strike a deal. Which in turn could offer better interface, search and discover, and speed.

Fact of the matter is that Time Warner isn’t desperate for a new suitor, when in fact Time Warner Cable could be an acquirer moving forward. They control some of the most important markets in the country.

Even though it doesn’t sound encouraging, residents in the Hilton Head and Bluffton areas have probably noticed, Time Warner service has been better recently. It still doesn’t leave us with any more options, not at moment anyway, but perhaps Time Warner will start offering something with worth.

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