Why Sunbrite outdoor TV’s just make sense.

Rain or Shine:  Sunbrite TVs

I can’t think of any other place I love spending my summer days and nights than here in the Low Country. We’re blessed enough to enjoy sunny days and beautiful sunsets evenings in the comfort of our backyard. I love getting together with the family in our outdoor space and enjoying our time together. One thing that we focus on is the outdoor entertainment area since we have such a large family and bringing everyone together is incredibly special for our get-togethers, holidays, birthdays, game nights and celebrations. There is nothing better than watching Sunday football in the backyard, drinking my favorite beer, and grilling up some burgers with my favorite people. Entertainment areas don’t have to be restricted to the inside of the home, but why not in the outdoor area as well? Many of you may be worried about how a TV system can withstand the heat, humidity, and the inclement weather conditions the Low country brings. For those of you that are interested in watching TV outdoors, Sunbrite offers a wonderful selection of outdoor televisions. Keep your indoor TVs for the inside of your home; Sunbrite offers televisions that are designed specifically for the outdoors that can withstand strong weather conditions and adjust to the environment. This is why we have teamed up with Sunbrite to offer the best outdoor televisions to our clients. The latest and greatest technology goes into their quality TVs, which is why they are known for being “The Leader in Outdoor Television” The first thing I think of when installing an outdoor TV is the glare. I automatically think of the slightest bit of glare that I will sometimes get from my indoor TV from time to time and start to get irritated. The neat aspect of Sunbrite TVs is that it has a 30% increase in brightness to reduce the glare and create a sharper image portrayed on screen. Eventually, you’ll be wanting to watch TV from mainly outdoors. These weatherproof TVs don’t just stop at the rain and high heat; they are resistant towards snow, dust, insects, salt air, humidity, and other intense weather conditions. The new sets are able to withstand high heat temperatures up to 130 degrees and extremely low temperatures all the way down to -24 degrees. All models include a multi-fan airflow system to help cool down on those hot summer days. They are equipped with watertight technology to protect any cables and connectors. Even the remote control is waterproof! No worries, these were made to last and from our experience, they have really outshined; pun intended. On top of that, you can choose from a variety of TVs based on how much sun exposure it will face. Sunbrite offers full shade, partial sun, and full sun TVs to ensure that each is suited for the environment they occupy.

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By Wendy Wang

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