Reasons Why You Need Motorized Shades

Motorized shades and blinds have been a 2015 home technology hot subject; taking your home comfort, protection and convenience to a new level. Home owners are finally starting to realized the importance of having these automated shades installed and the demand is increasing rapidly. Just in case you need a little more convincing, we’ve come up with five great reasons you should invest in automated shades:

Extra Security

When you set your automated shades and blinds on a timer, they will move up and down, or side to side throughout the day, creating the idea that someone is there. This can be a very important detail while your away on vacation, or if it’s your second home. Intruders are less likely to break into a home if someone is there.

Save More Energy

If your blinds are open on a hot, sunny day, solar heat will fill your room and cause your AC unit to run most of the day. If you have your automated shades installed with a sensor, the heat will signal the motorized window coverings to close when solar heat is at it’s highest. Saving you more energy, which in turn will save you more money!


It doesn’t matter if you’re a hundred miles away, or relaxing in your bedroom, being able to have the ability to control your shades with a simple touch of a button is an amenity worth the investment. Even more, you can put them on a timer and have them automatically open and close, without ever having to lift a finger.

Protect Your Furniture

When exposed to the sun, your furniture will start to loose it’s color. If you have these motorized shades installed with the convince of closing all of them at one time, you’ll block out the sun and prevent this from happening.

Add Character

We are a dedicated Lutron lighting and shade control dealer, with a variety of colors and fabrics to choose from, you can add your own personality to any room. Whether you want a unified look throughout the home, or a different style in each room, automated window treatments are your best option.

If you have any Lutron shade questions, feel free to leave a comment (or give us a call) and we’ll be sure to reach out to you with an answer right away!

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