How 5g Will Shape the Decade

5G Cellular technology is rapidly growing and improving. With the rise of 5g we will be able to advance into the next decade with new technology.

What is 5G?

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5G is the next generation in cellular technology. It enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything including: machines, objects and devices.


Future Changes

4G changed the 2010’s as it allowed for mobile connections to offer high definition streaming and video conferencing. Out of it came a plethora of services and the technological advantages that has helped shaped the decade and essentially bring the world to our fingertips.


Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality and 5G is going to improve how autonomous vehicles work. With time these vehicles will be able to collect data from other vehicles to learn about road conditions. Vehicle to vehicle communication will drastically improve road safety.


Public Safety and Infrastructure



5G will bring the ability for a massive IoT (internet of things). Scaling down costs on data rates, power and better mobility. These low cost solutions will allow our communities to expand on new technology. Utility companies will be able to remotely track usage on a regular basis. There will be a series of notification sensors that will be able to notify if a street floods or if a traffic light went out. Surveillance cameras will be an affordable solution to cut back on crime and increase safety.


Remote Device Control

Telecommuting will increase as more jobs will be able to be performed remotely.  Specialized technicians will be able to perform from across the world. Heavy machinery will be able to be used remotely, reducing hazardous working conditions.




Heath care is facing a radical change. Telemedicine is a way to receive healthcare remotely and is increasing in popularity. Along with physical therapy via VR assistance, and remote surgery. Medical collaboration will be easier with secure communication. This allows doctors to seek out other professionals in help of diagnosis and prognosis along with an appropriate treatment plan.




Students will be able to use augmented reality to bring textbooks alive. Through VR students would be able to visit places in history and across the world without leaving the classroom.


5G is Rolling Out

5G is already available by all carriers in several major cities across the US and will be fully available across the country through incremental roll outs. By 2025 5G will be blanketed across country.