AIC is a Martin Logan Dealer

Whether you’re looking to do a simple entertainment system or a complete home theater, quality sound is a necessity. Martin Logan has stepped up to be one of the highest quality audio technology brands available. While many companies have entered the audio game, not many have revolutionized it quite the way this company has. 

Martin Logan originated in the late 70’s from two men who wanted to make electrostatic speaker technology more accessible to the average consumer. Their goal was to make electrostatic speakers with adequate bass output and sound dispersion, which is no easy task when dealing with electrostatic technology, which typically produces better mids and highs. The company was able to harness this technology, however, by creating full range hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers that produce pristine sound from the basses to the highs. Today they offer a wide selection of products including electrostatic speakers, sound bars, and even subwoofers.

As an official Martin Logan dealer, AIC is proud to be partnering with this amazing company to help offer you some of the highest quality products in the business. Contact us today to see how we can incorporate some Martin Logan products into your next project.  

Martin Logan Speaker

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