Custom Bathroom Vanity Mirror TV

Take a look at the latest mirror TV system in AIC’s portfolio.  With the help of RBCH Custom Homes and Frame my TV we were able to design and deliver a custom bathroom vanity mirror tv system that has full tablet and smart phone control and uses the existing in-ceiling type speakers for full range sound. Creating a custom mirror TV has a lot of advantages over purchasing a pre-built or all-in one type of mirror TV. The biggest issue with all in one mirror TVs is that the majority of the cost associated with any type of mirror tv solution is the mirror/glass, casing, and cooling components. With an all in one type of mirror tv each time you decide to upgrade the TV for any reason, such as higher 4K resolution options, new smart functions, etc .. the entire unit needs to be upgraded. That doesn’t make a lot of sense since there is more than likely no issue with the mirror/glass and casing, which again makes up 75% of the cost of any mirror tv.  You’re simply trying to upgrade the TV. This is why AIC has designed its own custom mirror TV solutions that allow for simple future TV upgrades with lower cost.



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