DirecTV 4K Content

According to Directv’s president and CEO, Mike White, Directv will be ready to offer 4K video on demand (VOD) by the end of this year and live 4K content as soon as next year. So for all of you who keep making the “There’s no 4K content” excuse as to why not to buy a 4K or Ultra high Definition TV for your media room, that excuse just won’t fly anymore.

When will DirecTV 4k content be available?

Directv is planning to launch two new satellites sometime within the next 18 months. This is going to help execute it’s 4K and Ultra HD streaming plans.

White said last year that Directv intends to be the first U.S. pay-TV operator to launch a 4K TV service. So far, Netflix has been the only U.S. service to offer even a limited 4K selection. Comcast has committed to launching 4K (VOD) viewing later this year.

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