Historically Bad Apps

There are some really useful apps in this world, this list contains none of those. They are all horribly bad apps!

I have come across many best of….[insert whatever subject here] apps out there, I have accidentally downloaded some bad apps, and then I have purposely downloaded some ridiculous apps, for funsies. This list is compiled of a ‘grand’ (and by that I mean the exact opposite) assortment of applications that have some of the worst ratings, reviews and are otherwise hysterically awful.


Okay, bear with me here. Facebook app is awful for a number of reasons. First, it takes up an absurd amount of space. Second, I find myself absentmindedly opening the app without consciously meaning to. It’s an addiction, there are studies [link to study]. You have to separately download its messenger program. Which is annoying at best. Third, it is the sole source of about 80% of the fake news that I see/read.

I am Important

Well, of course you are snowflake. I am important shallowly inflates the most deflated of egos by not only creating fake contacts in your phone, but also creating false calendar events as well. This app is  basically a turkey bacon encrusted lie- it’s neither good or bacon. I cannot think of a single good reason to have this app on your phone, unless you’re a spy or living a double life.

I am a Man

This app is chauvinistically genius. It tracks your lady’s (ladies’) cycle(s) on a public or private calendar, giving its user the option to set emoticons for it’s subject(s). Additionally, it allows you to set passwords for separate subject(s). I can see this app serving a purpose that I neither like nor support- so it ends up on this list.

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I am Rich

Sensing a theme here? I am rich is the most expensive app in the store, costing $599.99 (USD) and serves no purpose other than to literally be the most expensive app. If you have this much money to spend on an app and want to spend your money on absolutely nothing- then this app is for you. Otherwise, it serves as a subtle reminder that there are people out there with an insane amount of money, who are genuinely stumped as what to spend it on.

Pet Baby

This app’s creator, had far too much time on their hands. This app takes pictures of your pet (from your gallery) and  then morphs them with a baby creating some sort of pet/baby hybrid. While entertaining for about 2.5 seconds, it actually takes more time to download and install than it does to become bored with this app.

Floating Miley Cyrus

I can say that this app delivers exactly what it says it will. There is indeed a floating Miley Cyrus, and that is all there is. She repeats one dance move and is nigh impossible to exit out of. So- great for pranks and super fans of Miley Cyrus (all twenty of you).


Have you come across any horrible apps? Let us know! Drop em in the comments below.

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