iPhone 7: Positive and Negatives

Apple released the newest iPhone in early September. There are quite a few changes, some very helpful and others are receiving a lot of criticism . . .

Water Resistance

Yes, you heard right! The iPhone 7 is water resistant. Now this doesn’t mean you should take a dive to record cool videos or anything, but this perk definitely takes away some anxiety. Especially if you have the habit of dropping your phone near water or spilling drinks.


The new iPhone7 is now water resistant!

Camera Upgrade

This upgrade was to be expected. As with every other Apple upgrade, the camera has improved. Making for shaper images, especially in low light.


Now comes with image stabilization, a larger aperture, and true tone flash.

Battery Life

The newest upgrade comes with a longer lasting battery life. This is always a perk and takes some stress away when you don’t have a charger. (P.S. The newest iOS also comes with a low power mode that helps to increase battery life too!)


Increased battery life and efficiency for the new iPhone 7.


This is perhaps one of the more drastic changes, and we don’t think it’s a good one. In fact, Apple has received a ton of criticism for this change. Essentially, the iPhone 7 comes with no headphone/aux port. The new phone requires that you either use Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth within the car.

Yes, Apple does include an adapter that plugs into the phones charging port that allows you to use old headphones with a chord, but this is really inconvenient. What if you forget, or worse, lose this adapter? What if you need to charge your phone and listen to music?

The new design encourages the use of Bluetooth but quite frankly, Bluetooth isn’t always reliable. This paired with the fact that many people have invested hundreds of dollars into very nice headphones, makes for quite a few unhappy customers. Finally, are we the only ones who thinks the included apple earbuds look a little ridiculous with the iPhone 7?


Good or bad? We’re still deciding . . .

Home Button

This is another change that has some people a little upset. You can no longer physically click the home button as with the older generations. It now senses your touch. This really isn’t a huge deal, but people hate change and are used to the satisfaction of feeling the button push down.


“You can’t push my buttons anymore! I won’t let you.”


The in phone speakers are now slightly more amplified. This is actually really cool in case you forget your actual speakers or, ya know, can’t plug in your old headphones!


2x louder earpiece, built in microphone and build in speakers!

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