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November Streaming Updates

Updates… Its that time of the year again. The daylight is slowly disappearing and the weather is getting colder by the day. Outdoor activities are decreasing and we find ourselves wrapped up in blankets in our favorite seat trying to find something new to watch on television. Fortunately, Disney and Apple both launched new streaming…


Spotify vs. Apple Music

Spotify or Apple? If you’re a music lover or listen to music during your daily routine, you probably have a music streaming service. Spotify and Apple have paved their way as the top music streaming services with loyal customers on both services. The Spotify vs. Apple debacle seems just as intense as the iPhone vs.…

Running with Fitness Apps

Stay Fit for Fall With These Apps

Thankfully, fall is finally here! Which means we can enjoy the outdoors during the midday! Here are 4 great apps to help you stay fit!


iPhone 7: Positive and Negatives

For those of you considering an upgrade, here are some of the biggest changes from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7.

Top Features iOS 10 Update

Apple News: Cool Features in the New iOS Update

iOS 10 is here and we’re sure you’ve been hearing all the new features that come with the update. Here are our top 8 features!

Apple TV Pre-Order

New Apple TV Pre-Orders Start Today

You can start ordering the Apple TV – 32 GB or 64 GB – generation 4 today. Ships on Friday!

Apple TV_4

4th Generation Apple TV Release Date

Keep holding your breath a little longer, but not too long . . .

4th Generation Apple TV

Full Scoop on 4th Generation Apple TV

What do you think about the Apple TV? We want to know!

Sonos Apple Music

SONOS and Apple Music Coming Soon

Not too much longer and you’ll be able to play Apple Music over your SONOS Wireless Music System.

Apple TV Remote

Plan for New Apple TV Remote

Touch ID in the Apple TV remote? Do you think it’s a good thing, or a bad thing?

Verizon Cell Service

Why Has Verizon Mobile Service Been Slow on Hilton Head Island?

Sometimes we need to be reminded that Mother Nature rules modern day technology too . . .

Apple Watch Apps

Installing Apple Watch Apps

How to install and delete apps on the Apple Watch.