Apple Pay Release

Apple Pay Releases Today

The next best thing since sliced bread, Apple Pay releases today!

Predictive Text

Delete Predictive Text

Apple has given us the option for the iPhone to predict our texts. If you’re annoyed by it, find out here how to get rid of it!

Advanced Integrated Controls Apple Pay Review

Apple Pay Review: Should You Go For It?

Google has already done it with Google Wallet, then why all the hype on Apple Pay? Is it safer that Google Wallet? Should you go for it?

Apple Television

Will Apple Make a Television?

Apple’s done it all, haven’t they? Well, then why not make an Apple Television? Because they’ve…

Apple Toughens its iCloud Security

Apple Toughens iCloud Security

Two weeks after breach of celebrity iCloud accounts, Apple makes good on CEO Tim Cook’s promises to strengthen security.

The New iOS 8 Update

Conflicts Between iOS8 and Dropbox

Your excited that iOS 8’s scheduled to land on your new iPad’s and iPhone’s? Great, but if you use Dropbox to back up your photos and videos, the new software comes bundled with a dash of disappointment.

Apple Pay Feature

Upcoming Apple Pay Feature

Get ready to leave your wallet at home and pay for everything with your iPhone 6 using the Apple Pay feature.

Apple Announces the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple Announces the iPhone 6

Apple announces iPhone 6 with better specs, new features, larger screen sizes and much, much more!

Siri is a Virtual DJ!

Use Siri as Your Virtual DJ

Yup! You heard right! Siri can act as your own virtual DJ to play and manage your favorite music upon your command.