Samsung q90

The Best 4k TVs of 2021

Shopping for a new television can be overwhelming. Looking at the different options you may find yourself looking at near identical models, not knowing which is going to be the better buy. Smart features have become a highlight in new television models with different processors ranging between models and manufacturers. We have done our research…

cedia Expo

Cedia Expo 2019 Showcase

Cedia Expo – 2019 Showcase   Recently, Advanced Integrated Controls attended the Cedia Expo in Colorado to learn about the latest and greatest home technology. The Cedia Expo is a yearly event for professionals and press to learn about the newest technologies and products emerging into the market. Awards are given out to top companies…

Sony 4K

2018 “King of TV”

As 2018 is coming to an end, Sony has really outdone themselves this year in the tech industry. The Sony A9F Master Series OLED TV has won “King of TV” shootout and Red Dot Award of 2018. Competing with established brands like LG and Samsung, Sony rose to the challenge and went above and beyond.…