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Transcend Into TV With Nexus 21

As wall mounting televisions became the norm, we have missed something along the way. There is without a doubt, elegance in the way we are able to place thin televisions on the wall and over a fireplace.   After all, it wasn’t that long ago that our televisions took a large floor-space in our living…


HDMI Forum, INC. Implements New HDMI 2.1 Certification

The HDMI Forum Inc has announced a new certification program for Ultra High Speed HDMI cables. The push for the certification program is to ensure that 4K and 8K HDMI cables accommodate the features and capabilities of the HDMI 2.1 specifications. What is the HDMI Forum, Inc.? The HDMI Forum, Inc., is a mutual benefit,…

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November Streaming Updates

Its that time of the year again. The daylight is slowly disappearing and the weather is getting colder by the day. Outdoor activities are decreasing and we find ourselves wrapped up in blankets in our favorite seat trying to find something new to watch on television. Fortunately, Disney and Apple both launched new streaming services…

cedia Expo

Cedia Expo 2019 Showcase

Cedia Expo – 2019 Showcase   Recently, Advanced Integrated Controls attended the Cedia Expo in Colorado to learn about the latest and greatest home technology. The Cedia Expo is a yearly event for professionals and press to learn about the newest technologies and products emerging into the market. Awards are given out to top companies…

dolby atmos setup

What is Dolby Atmos?

What exactly is Dolby Atmos? What does it do for your entertainment experience?   You’re new tv, speaker or soundbar has Dolby Atmos capability, but what does that mean? You know it has to do with sound, but what does it do for your overall entertainment experience? If you aren’t an audiophile, this may not…

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Tips for Better Sound Quality

Tips for Better Sound Quality   So you’ve just spent a chunk or two to create a sick audio system in your home, but it doesn’t seem up to par with the quality you had in mind. There are many factors and reasons why your top quality equipment isn’t producing the best sound effects. You…

Custom Home Theater

Home Theater Tips

The prevalence of theater rooms has become a classic trend we have seen in homes. We are ecstatic to work with clients that have a vision of a flawless theater experience. Whether they have the exact layout or need some guidance, we love coming up with the best solutions that fit each unique clients’ home.…

Mark of Excellence Retrofit Project

AIC is 2018 Retrofit Project of the Year Winner

Advanced Integrated Controls is a 2018 Mark of Excellence Award winner for this Hurricane Matthew Retrofit Project of the year!

Elan 7" Touchscreen allows for full home control

AIC is 2018 Mark of Excellence Custom Home of Year Winner

Advanced Integrated Controls is a 2018 Mark of Excellence Award winner for this Hurricane Matthew Hilton Head Island Custom Home controlled via ELAN and Lutron.


Sonos Update: The SUB Now Comes in White!

Coming this fall: The new white SUB. Oh man, we’re so excited!

Nexus 21 TV Lift Solutions

Custom Media Room TV Solutions

Here are 2 videos of custom TV lifts that were designed and installed by our team at AIC!

Yamaha Receiver

Our Yamaha Receiver Review

Here is why AIC recommends using Yamaha receivers for home theaters and media rooms.