How High Should I Mount My TV?

Mounting TV’s and the variables it takes in doing so. For years, Mounting TV’s have become a common practice in most homes.  Television Mounting helps perfect the viewing angle, it also helps create a clean, modern and minimalist look. After buying a new television many clients at AIC want to know how high they should mount their new television. When considering the placement of a television mount consider the size of the TV, where you plan on watching it, along with personal preference. Continue reading for the must knows on mounting tv’s.

Before mounting your television make sure you have the appropriate mount based off of your preferences. There are many different kinds of mounts available, and what mount you may need depends on how you plan on utilizing the room you are watching TV in.


Mounting Troubles?

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Sometimes mounting your television doesn’t feel like an option. Perhaps you have a brick fireplace, custom cabinets, or another barrier preventing you from placing your television on the wall. For some, a television in a room can create an eyesore when it is off. Fortunately, AIC has a large selection of specialized mounts available.  Our exclusive collection allows us to provide our clients with the best possible mounting solution for any physical or cosmetic barrier.


TV Lifts With Nexus 21


Nexus 21 has a wide array of motorized mounts. When it comes to hiding your TV until you need it, Nexus 21’s pop up or drop down mounts will provide a reliable solution.

Mirror TVs


Custom made in our shop, mirror televisions are a popular choice. When the television is on, the mirror effect disappears leaving crystal clear resolution. As soon as you turn the TV off, the mirror becomes visible again. Who said magic mirrors are only in fairy tales?

Art Lift


Why should the television get the biggest wall space when you have an affinity for art? Leon and Advanced Integrated Controls have partnered together to celebrate art with the Media Decor Art Lift.

Mounting Over a Mantel

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When it comes to mounting over a mantel, you typically need to mount the television a bit higher than normal. Sometimes the television may end up being too high for personal preference. The solution is the Transcend Series mounts. The Transcend Series mounts provide a full motion to not only move the television side to side, but also up and down. This allows you to lower your television to eye level when you plan on watching it.

The Mounting Formula

When it comes to mounting a TV, the best preference is your own. Many argue that eye level is the best placement, however, some people prefer their televisions to be placed higher.

The basic mounting formula to create the eye level viewing is the height of the seating plus 24 inches. The average height of a couch is about 19 inches, add 24, and you get 42 inches. The center of your television should be around 42 inches off the ground.


Of course the larger the television the more you’re going to need to adjust the formula. The center of a 55 inch television should be at 61″ inches from the floor, and the center of a 65 inch television should be around 65″ from the floor.

If you are interested in any of the mounting solutions above, or would like to have your television mounted for you, contact us to learn more.