Redefining Audio With ELAN

elan ip enabled audio distribution

Redefining Audio With Elan

ELAN has partnered with Dante to bring the most reliable IP-enabled audio distribution system available. This next generation system revolutionizes multi-zone audio distribution while providing an easy to use, intuitive system. Enjoy superior quality audio without the costly headache of hard wiring your components. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to place your system where you would like without restrictions.


What Are The Benefits To Having This System?

Dante’s audio networking technology utilizes your standard IP network. There is no need to create a new network for this system. Making it a breeze for installation, with no extra provider costs. Dante has been established as one of the most reliable audio networking solutions.

This system provides high quality, uncompressed audio with near zero latency. You will not have to sacrifice sound quality for convenience. Individual lip syncing correction for each zone coordinates your audio and video, ensuring they are never out of sync.

ELAN’s IP-enabled audio distribution system has the capability to source up to 64 individual audio zones. This provides whole home coverage with a high quality and flexible audio solution. Decentralized installment allows sources and amplifiers to be placed in their ideal locations, ensuring you will be able to place your equipment where it is best for you.

Using an IP-enabled audio distribution system drastically cuts labor and wiring costs. Wiring and labor can be expensive, using the ELAN system with Dante, you can cut costs by eliminating the expensive and extensive wiring needed with a traditional audio distribution system.


The Collection


The Multi Zone Audio Matrix

  • Supports single chassis on multi chassis configuration with the optional Dante- enabled, Network Audio Card.
  • Up to 13 input sources
  • 8 Speaker Channels
  • 80 WPC at 8 ohms, 100 WPC at 4 ohms
  • 5-Band EQ for each speaker and preamp zone
  • Individual lip sync correction for each zone




The Multi Zone Audio Extender

  • Adds up to 8 individual audio zones
  • 80 WPC at 8 ohms, 100 WPC at 4 ohms
  • 5-Band EQ for each speaker and preamp zone
  • Individual lip sync correction for each zone



The Multi Zone Preamp Audio Matrix

  • Assists single chassis or multi chassis configuration with optional Dante Network Audio Card
  • Manages up to 23 individual sources
  • Supports up to 12 preamp zones
  • Individual lip sync correction for each zone


The Local Audio Source

  • Provides a way to deliver two channel PCM audio from a single remote source to a Dante- enabled ELAN audio matrix over an existing standard local area network
  • Adds an additional source to an ELAN Dante- enabled audio matrix system
  • Place behind every TV to provide audio return to the amplifier using Dante audio networking


The ELAN Control Connection

Elan Products

The ELAN with Dante system stands out from other audio solutions because it is easily controlled by the ELAN Intelligent Control System. Not to mention, Advanced Integrated Controls proudly utilizes ELAN systems due to their longstanding reliability and ease of use. To learn more about how ELAN can transform your space contact us today.