Home Theater

Blue Sonos Limited Edition

Limited Edition Blue PLAY:1

Sonos Wireless Music Systems introduces they’re first ever limited edition speaker to celebrate 75 years of the most iconic jazz!

Dolby Atmos Movie Theater

Dolby Atmos Movie Theaters Take on IMAX

Dolby Atmos is well known for their exceptionally clear and powerful sounds. They’ve announced a Theater that could make IMAX sweat!

Stealth Home Theater

Outdoor Home Theater

If home theaters can increase the value of your home, can you imagine what a simple outdoor patio home theater could do for you!

Universal Remotes

Universal Remotes Aren’t the Problem

Universal Remotes aren’t the problem. Your A/V guy is.

Increase Home Value

Increase the Value of a Home

Not only is a home theater used to entertain guests and family, but adding a custom home theater is sure to increase the value of your home!

Redbox Instant Ending

Redbox Instant Ends October 7th

Not that many people utilized this offer – which is why it’s being dropped – but you better hurry if you do. There are still a few things for your to check out!

JL Audio Home Subwoofers

JL Audio Home Subwoofers are the Best!

JL Audio is known for their car audio systems, but they’ve got it in for Home Theaters too! Here’s a look at the mid line Fathom subwoofer from JL Audio.

Sunbrite Thin Outdoor TVs

Sunbrite Launches Thin Outdoor TVs

Outdoor weatherproof TV and accessory manufacturer, Sunbrite, showed off to CEDIA the company’s full line of Signature Series outdoor TVs for home and hospitality use. Now they’re giving us thinner, lighter outdoor televisions!


OmniMount In-Wall TV Mount

A new easy way to adjust your flat screen television and ensure its flush against the wall. OmniMount has outdone themselves!

The Blu Ray disc is coming to an end!

The End of the Blu-ray Disc

Blu-ray discs are on a fast road towards extinction!

Volume Control Icon

Boosting Dialogue Levels

There are other options to increase dialogue volume on your TV, but it depends on the manufacturer.

JVC Reference Series

JVC Reference Series 4K Projectors

Check out the latest 4K projector from JVC. This is hands down the best projector on the market in this price range.