Outdoor Home Theater

Stealth Acoustics’ new Patio Theater system rises magically and silently from a custom-designed enclosure to reveal it’s full stature; a massive LED screen ready to display movies, music videos and other video content.

“This is huge”, stated Steve Olszewski, vice president at Stealth “not just the LED technology, big screen sizes and lift technology itself, which is really cool, but in the whole idea of taking outdoor home theatre experiences to the next level. This is a great new opportunity for the best Custom Integrators and their clients.”

According to Stealth, Patio Theater is just a part of their growing commitment to outdoors systems. Building upon its proven invisible speaker technology, Stealth created the award-winning StingRaytm family of hermetically-sealed environmentally durable outdoor speakers and subwoofers, which sport an industry-leading Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP-68, meaning the product is literally capable of operating under water for more than 64 hours.

“We knew we had created the highest IP rated hi-fidelity speaker design with Stingray and we had a parallel development track with our Pro Power line of amplifiers and digital signal processing, all towards energizing our offerings for outdoor sound”, continued Olszewski, “it was a logical extension to go into display technologies, so we could offer complete environmentally-robust audio and video playback solutions for outdoor theaters. I guess we really dove off the deep end in bringing massive LED display components and world-class motorized lifts and enclosures into our speaker and amplifier equation, but no other single manufacturer can provide the total package we have put together to make a Patio Theater.”

Patio Theater is fully-scalable and customizable in its design architecture, from simple and small repeatable systems, to massive screen sizes with movie theater quality sound. As part of the concept, Stealth is taking a fashionable approach to each system. AIC works closely with potential clients to design, detail and engineer any Home Theater systems, both indoor and outdoor Home Theater systems, to match the exact needs of the customer. With Stealth Acoustics launch or the Patio Theater system, this will allow AIC to give multiple custom audio video solutions to our clients.

“We’re approaching this initiative with the Custom Integrator fully in mind, where we will work with the dealer in getting just the right system proposed and then support the heck out of the process from design and engineering documentation, all the way through optimization and final calibration”, concluded Olszewski.

Stealth Acoustics put on a show revealing their Patio Theater at CEDIA Expo 2014, which AIC attended as well.

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