A Thanksgiving Smart Home

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time; family coming in town, all the food you have to buy, prep and then cook; the calories you want to watch, and then all the clean up. Allow a little smart technology and smart home appliances to take some of the weight of your shoulder.

Here are a few fun gadgets that’ll have the whole family conversing about the potential for next years Thanksgiving dinner.

Kikkerland Turkey Timer

When we came across this little guy, we couldn’t wait to tell everyone. Its a reusable pop-up timer that looks just like a mini turkey that you stick in your own turkey. It’ll let you know when the turkey is done by sticking its legs in the air. That’ll get your mom going!

CrockPot Smart Slow Cooker With WeMo

Nearing the holidays, almost every household has their slow cooker working hard. Well this crockpot works by syncing it to the WeMo app for a hands off approach to cook your famous potato casserole. You can access and adjust temperatures of the crockpot at any time, no matter where you are.

Masterbuilt Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer

Most would agree that some of the best turkey is deep fried turkey. But it can be a serious fire hazard and you should always have to do it outside. With this turkey fryer you can use it safely inside and it comes in many sizes.

LEM Jerky Cannon

Strange name, but the best way to keep your dad and/or husband entertained. You can stuff this meat gun full of seasoned ground turkey, seasonings, and then squeeze out raw turkey sausages or turkey hotdogs. An easy way to get your picky kids to eat.

Perfect Drink Scale and App

This is pretty neat. With over 300 recipes, just place your glass on the scale and start pouring. You don’t have to measure anything, the app will let you known when to stop (I mean if you want to). You can tell the app what ingredients you have on hand and then it’ll guide you towards a nice tasty cocktail.

So don’t get stressed out, there are many home automation options to keep everyone entertained and help you prepare a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, don’t forget about game time! Samsung’s 78” UHD 4K HU90000 Series Curved Smart TV might just be a good match.

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