Universal Remotes Aren’t the Problem

Universal Remotes aren’t the problem. Your A/V guy is.

You’ve got the new 4K Ultra High Definition Television and the Yamaha Surround Sound Receiver with Dolby Atmos. You also have a new set of  Sonos speakers and everything else you somehow convinced your wife you needed.  Problem is, all this is hampered by a single piece of technology: The damn remote control in your hand.

I agree, universal remote controls suck. Instead of evolving every other piece of home electronics, it has become the most inefficient piece of technology in your home. You can blame this world’s mad obsession with touchscreen’s, unlimited useless features, and untrained programmers for the Universal remote control’s bad rap.

Touchscreens are great, but are as terrible as Universal Remote Controls.

Touchscreens are great for devices you look at while using them. TV remotes? Not so much.

The fact is its cool to be able to control your TV from your iPhone. That’ll wear off pretty quickly once you realize that you can’t feel those channel buttons under your fingers anymore. That’s why remotes need real buttons. Something you can feel in the dark when changing the channel or adjusting the volume. The perfect remote should also be programmed to access only the most frequently used features using customizable buttons that you can actually feel. When it comes to remotes, less is sometimes more.

Here’s an easy way to know if your Universal Remote Control is programmed well.

Within minutes if a child can change the language to Spanish, disable the sound, change the input, and set the sleep timer, the remote has to many buttons. A good universal remote control should be easy enough for anyone to use. However, smart enough to be able to control complex home technology Systems. However, most of the time they are a mess of needless and confusing buttons. Most of the time they make absolutely no sense.

Universal Remotes were created to control multiple devices by using less buttons. The problem is that with the rapid advancement in video and audio source options, like Apple TVs, Roku Players, Bluray Disk Players, Gaming Consoles and DirecTV Receivers came more and more buttons.

A universal remote control must be able to handle every command of any device while still reducing the amount of buttons. This requires the skills of a trained and skilled remote control programmer. Not your friend that works at Best Buy or your neighbors kid who seems to know a lot about tech stuff.

Advanced Integrated Controls is an Elan and URC Authorized and Certified dealer. We specialize in the programming of universal remote controls. The ones that actually work.

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