Sunbrite Launches Thin Outdoor TVs

As with SunBriteTV’s previous Signature Series models, the new thin outdoor TVs are designed to be installed and left permanently displayed outside. Thanks to weatherproof technology that protects the TV’s innards from salt air, humidity, rain, snow, dust, and even insects. Basically all of the things that we have here in Hilton Head and Bluffton that kill our outdoor television dreams.

The new Signature Series models range in screen sizes from 32-inches to 65-inches. The depth is only 3.5 inches! The new sets are both the slimmest and lightest of any TVs yet made by SunBriteTV!

One reason for the surprisingly thin form factor is that the new models utilize internal heat routing and dispersion that eliminates the need for bulky internal fans and vents. SunBriteTV says the TVs are rated for temperatures from -24 degrees to 122 degrees F. The exterior chassises are made from rustproof, powder-coated aluminum and are available in Black, Silver, and White finishes.

Advanced Integrated Controls is an authorized dealer of Sunbrite Outdoor TV’s and is pleased to hear of the new thinner model options!

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