Deezer Partners With Sonos

Deezer, a French music streaming service with 16 million active users and 5 million paying subscribers, is coming to the U.S with the “world’s largest” music catalog of more than 35 million tracks. All captured in the lossless FLAC format. This is exactly what us Home Theater and True Audiophiles have been searching for.

Well, how much is it?

The ad-free service hopes to appeal to audiophiles with audio quality that is “the same or higher” than CD quality. Deezer is exclusively through Sonos. The promotional price is $14.99 a month,with plan to drop down to $9.99 when you sign up for a year.

With the Deezer app, Sonos subscribers can tap into the music service’s extensive library from any iPhone, iPad, Android, or other smart device. Then discover music through Deezer radio, recommendations, top playlists, and friends. As part of its search functionality, when you locate the artist whose catalog you want to explore, you can quickly access a complete discography. You can also select music based on a constantly changing Top Tracks list that displays songs that are trending.

For those AIC clients who already have the awesome Sonos Wireless Music System, then you’re ready to rock!

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