OmniMount In-Wall TV Mount

People like the idea of having a full motion, flat screen TV wall mount but they generally avoid buying them for two big reasons:

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  • The mount itself when fully collapsed still causes the television to stick off the wall. It looks strange having a 1” thick TV mounted to a 3” thick TV mount.
  • They are too stiff, hard to move, and almost impossible to get level once you’ve moved it.


OmniMount’s new OE120IW recessed in-wall flat screen TV mounting system solves both of these issues.

By incorporating a way cool recessed box that mounts inside of traditional 16-inch on-center studs, the OE120IW will push back to within ½-inch of the wall when fully recessed. The ingenious tray and arm system also provides generous spacing for cable routing so you don’t see any pesky power or HDMI cabling.

The mount also utilizes Ergotron’s constant force technology to allow for very smooth and easy motion allowing virtually anyone in the family to pull the TV out or push it back into place. OmniMount is also offering a power accessory kit which will let homeowners or installers wire the TV to code without requiring an electrician.

AIC is Hilton Head and Bluffton’s local authorized OmniMount dealer.

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