Tips and Tricks for Designing the Perfect Media Room

We’re willing to bet the most visited room in your home is wherever your big screen TV resides. Some call it a living room, others may call it the entertaining living area or family room, but we call in the media room. It doesn’t really matter what you call your media room, what matters is how comfortable you are while you enjoy a true home theater experience without having to leave your home.

An Ample Big Screen TV

You’re going to need a big enough screen so that everyone in your media room will be able to enjoy the movie. Not sure how big you should go? Check out our recent article, Here’s How to Choose the Right Size TV for Any Media Room. Keep in mind, your television should be measured on the diagonal. However big you decide to go, the most important thing to remember is your television should be the focal point, centered in the middle of the gathering.

The Perfect Surround Sound System

5.1 Surround Sound

Whether you choose a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system, it’s all about the placement. A 5.1 surround system would bring a perfect home theater experience to any media room! It has five individual audio channels: Left, Right, Center, Left Surround, Right Surround and the Subwoofer.

  • Front Left & Right Speakers (L & R): Place the Front Left and Right speakers at ear height, making a 45 degree angle as viewed from the main seating position. This remits a wide sound stage and precise individualized audio.
  • Center Speaker, or Playbar: Place the soundbar above or below the TV. We recommend below, but whatever suits your fancy. If you have a perforated a projection screen, you might want to center the center speaker both horizontally and/or vertically behind the screen.
  • Surround Left & Right Speakers (SL & SR): Place the SL & SR speakers between 90° to 110° from each side and 2 feet or higher above the listener. You you don’t want speakers in the middle of a large open room, consider in-ceiling/in-wall speakers.
  • Subwoofer (Sub): If you have two Subwoofers, put them in the middle of opposing walls. If you have one, place it in the middle of the front wall.

Comfortable Seating

Media rooms are more than just a neat space to watch movies, they’re living areas where family and friends spend most of their time. Having ample seating isn’t the only thing to be concerned with, but positioning comfy couches and recliners to ensure the perfect viewing environment for everyone is. Choosing seating that can be broken down, like sectionals, can be easily arranged. Furthermore, many couches and recliners now have pull out cup holders and entree plates. That way you don’t have to ask anyone to hold your popcorn. For the most home cinema-style experience, look into dedicated home theater seating.

Creating a Home Theater Ambiance

When you go to your local home theater spot, you’ll probably recognize dark furniture and dark walls which helps to draw the light out of the room. Fluffy sofas, motorized drapery and audio absorbent carpeting help quiet surround sound systems. Also, remember that all controls and media systems can be hidden so your nifty media room doesn’t have a bunch of wires and such showing.

Last, but not least . . .

Innovative Technology

Apple Home ScreenIntegrating a streaming device like an AppleTV will not only increase your home theater experience, but help to make your experience a lot easier too. Being able to stream music and movies right on to your big screen and being able to rock it out on your 5.1 surround sound music system is a sure way to land the neighbor of the year award. The quality of the content available now is greater than it’s ever been and that content is growing every day. Take advantage of whats out there!

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All in all, the most important thing to remember is that creating a personalized Hilton Head, Palmetto Bluff, or Bluffton media room should be fun and exciting. These are just some guidelines to follow, don’t be afraid to break a few audio video rules!

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