Choose the Right Size TV

Weather you want to entertain guests or sit back and relax, your media room or home theater is bound to be the easiest congregation place. If you want your guests leaving with a positive impression of your hard earned media room or home theater, then you should select the right size television.

Buying a television can be a big expense and for that reason, you don’t want to make the wrong decision. One of the most recurring questions we get from our clients is “What size TV should I buy?”. As there may be differences of opinion, we’ve put together a simple chart that will help you to choose the right size TV for any media room! (Make sure you measure the space you plan to mount your TV before you buy.)

TV Viewing Distance


Remember, these aren’t rules, just suggestions. They’re guidelines. So, if you want to plug a 60″ 4K OLED TV on the wall and only sit 4-feet away, go ahead!