Apple TV Price Drop

During the Apple “Spring Forward” event yesterday, not only did they announce the release date and prices for the Apple Watch (available in 20 different modes for preorder between a price range of $350 – $17,000 on April 10th, to be delivered April 24th), but they dropped the price of the Apple TV by $30. Instead of selling the Apple TV at $99 it will be sold for $69. Apple also sells refurbished Apple TV’s for $75, but they’ve also dropped those prices to $59.

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This price drop has coupled with next months debut of the HBO NOW app launching exclusively on Apple TV and iOS devices for $14.99 a month.  There’s no cable subscription required, and new subscribers joining in April will get the first month free. For iPhone and iPad owners, the new subscription service will be available on mobile devices exclusively through the HBO app available on the App Store.

If you already have an Apple TV, we suggest you buy a few more at the $30 price drop and save up for last minute gifts, or the Apple TV empty rooms left in your home.

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