Why Has Verizon Mobile Service Been Slow on Hilton Head Island?

Here is some interesting news for the folks in Hilton Head and Bluffton. If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, you’ve probably noticed slow service lately, specifically when your phone switches to LTE (3G), short for Long Term Evolution.

If you haven’t noticed and it doesn’t seem to bother you, then carry on throughout the rest of your day. For those of us who rely on our phones for practically everything, we’re here to tell you it actually has nothing to do with Verizon. To put it bluntly, there isn’t a darn thing they can do about it! Why? Well, because a momma bald eagle decided she wanted to build a nest in the main Verizon tower that they use to provide service.

A little birdie told us that a few days ago some technicians climbed up the tower to “fix” the slow service issue and came across a nest full of babies. Obviously, there are federal laws that protect our bald eagles, so the nest can not be relocated until the baby birds have flown the nest.

In all honesty, Verizon service really isn’t that bad right now; a minor inconvenience and definitely worth the wait.

You heard it first right here from a local audio/video expert in Hilton Head Island, Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC).

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