Sonos 5.4 Update Released

The Sonos 5.4 update was released on Monday, bringing major improvements to the PLAY:1 audio quality. They’ve enhanced the clarity and presence of the PLAY:1 sound as well as optimized the PLAY:1 bass performance when it is paired with a SUB. The update also makes it having an ethernet connection to your router for Sonos home theater systems unnecessary, which is what Sonos is trying to get rid of anyway.

Released in beta on Android back in May, it’s now available for all devices! If you haven’t updated your controller yet, take a few minutes to login and update to the new 5.4 software.

Sonos says you don’t have to do anything if you already have a Sonos home theater setup, but you will no longer need to connect an ethernet cable to a BRIDGE, BOOST or directly to the PLAYBAR.

There are also tweaks to the way streaming music services can work, with a new look TuneIn app promised and an improved shuffle feature across the Sonos app. If you have any questions, feel free to drop by our showroom, and we’ll give you a Sonos tour.

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