Stay Fit for Fall With These Apps

Thankfully, fall is finally here! Which means we can enjoy the outdoors during the midday and, hopefully, not experience scorching heat. It also means we can be more active outside. Naturally, you want to track your fitness journey. There are SO many great technology based tools you can use to track your journey. Here are a few great fitness apps I use:


The most obvious of these tools is a Fitbit. I realize I am late to the party with this ‘mom’s-cult’ item. Despite my initial grievances and endless jokes about the Fitbit, I was given one for my birthday. I finally put it to use last week, and I can see what the hype is about. I love it. It is remarkably easy to use. It tells me how far I’ve walked, and the equivalent to how many floors I’ve walked. If you want it to, it can even track your sleeping patterns and quality of sleep. I initially thought this was a little creepy, but it has made me more aware of when I go to sleep, how long I’m asleep and if it is a quality sleep (Spoiler: as most Moms, my sleep schedule is the pits).


Cardio is probably the thing I hate the most, even though I love walking, you can’t pay me to run. Enter Zombie Run; with this fitness app you have to stay on your toes, or (as you probably guessed it) the zombies will get you. Not only is it great as Halloween approaches, but zombies are a year round pleasure for some (MEEE). I had an ‘enjoyable’ run and I definitely was eaten by zombies, but it was humorous nonetheless.


Perhaps you’re competitive, or have a fitness buddy. Hello My Fitness Pal! This app allows you to ‘friend’ other users and compare your activity, meals, etc. to theirs. You can also issue challenges for your ‘friends’. The app can sync with your Facebook friends, so you may unknowingly already have some friends who use the app. The food database in this app is impressive. It allows you to import recipes and share them with other users. This is fantastic if you need a little bit of motivation to get going. I’m not a big competitor, so this wasn’t the favorite of the fitness apps for me but, I can see where it has a market.

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Then there are apps that offer personal trainer options or offer weekly workouts. These apps are great for when you’re on the go, or perhaps you don’t want to pay for a personal trainer, but still want to improve on your fitness. So far I’ve only used one of these apps, and I’m in love with it.


Aaptiv is a wonderful app for fitness. I’ve used it all summer long! Not only does it give you options for great workouts, there are also tunes! The options for workouts include in gym, outdoor, yoga and home training. I love that there are options for training, like say you are training for a 5k or a marathon, there’s a workout for that! They even have maternity workouts! They have themed workouts, like say you want to improve your strength or run longer, there’s a workout for that! This app will curb any excuse you have for not being active. At a cool 6.99/month, it’s far cheaper than any class or personal trainer I’ve seen!

Any app you choose is great, so long as you are happy and healthy, the goal is accomplished.


What apps do you use to keep in shape? Let us know! Leave a comment below!

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