Our Yamaha Receiver Review

Picture the deep hum of the dog sleeping in the corner while a fussy baby whimpers, then a sudden rumble behind you of someone pulling into the driveway. This stirs the dog awake. You then hear the car door open and slam shut. The dog begins to bark. The baby’s whimper turns into a full out scream. A faint echo of footsteps coming up the stairs gets louder as they near your front door. You walk toward the door and see that the pizza delivery driver has finally brought dinner.

Now picture that same scene, but you don’t hear the hum of the dog sleeping, or the echo of the delivery drivers foot steps up the stairs, or the baby crying. You see what’s happening, but you’re not able to individualize each of those sounds.

Singling out audio activity is important when capturing the big picture. A receiver is a major factor in creating a home theater experience. With high audio quality, home theater receivers allow the listener to be truly captivated by what they’re watching. Many of our clients here in Bluffton and Hilton Head often ask what receiver we recommend the most. By far AIC recommends using Yamaha receivers.

Yamaha are the pioneers in the audio industry. They began as a music instrument manufacturing company and quickly became the largest company of it’s kind in the world. They understand music should be delivered the way it was produced. If the artist recorded their music to sound best on a 2 channel stereo, Yamaha doesn’t reconfigure sound to “make it sound better”. They reproduce audio the way it was made to be heard.

Yamaha Receiver Series

Yamaha offers 5 different series of receivers – RX-V, TSR, AVENTAGE, RX-S, HTR – all ranging in audio performances, video enhancements, functionalities and features.

The RX-V series is probably the most popular, mostly due to the fact that there are 11 receivers from this series to choose from. There are 5.1 and 7.1 channel options and the different features vary from smaller home theater systems systems, to a more enhanced theater system with bluetooth, WiFi, 4k and extra bass functionalities.

The TSR series have 2 options to choose from. Both are 7.2 channel compatible, high powered digital-to-analog converter, bluetooth, Wi-Fi streaming, and 4k. Depending on the power needed, or zoning features offered, is what helps us decide which receiver to use.

The RX-S series also have 2 options to choose from. These are the sleekest and slimmest receivers in the group. Both are 5.1 compatible, same wattage and same surround sound processing. The difference between the two boils down to bluetooth compatibility, 4k offerings,  HDMI outputs, and component video output.

The HTR series have 6 options and could be considered as low end to medium end receivers. The features are across the board and range from $300 up to $850.

However, AVENTAGE is our favorite series. There are 15 products to choose from this series and most were introduced not that long ago, in 2010. This series would be considers as hight end receivers. This is studio grade sound, top performance technology. Each of these receivers have been tested thoroughly to “produce a work of visual and acoustic art”, according to Yamaha. We happen to agree!

The Big Picture

AIC has been in business since 2006 and we can honestly say we’ve never had a problem with Yamaha receivers. Other receiver brands offer great customer service when it come to repairs, but Yamaha offers guaranteed no issues. We of course sell other types of receivers, but we stand by Yamaha. They are all custom designed and each offer high end processors and an enhance virtual presence.
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