Séura Outdoor Televisions

Introducing Séura Outdoor Televisions

The best outdoor television on the market



Warmer weather is approaching and many clients are seeking to expand their entertainment outdoors. Advanced Integrated Controls has partnered with Séura to bring the best weatherproof outdoor televisions to the Low Country. Séura’s line of outdoor televisions are the only IP rated TVs to withstand extreme temperatures and all weather conditions. They also feature an ultra bright image for the best picture, even on a sunny day.


Why Indoor TVs Don’t Belong Outside


Whether it’s rain or shine, freezing or hot and humid, Séura can handle it all while providing exceptional and reliable performance. When we say these televisions are waterproof, we mean it!  Indoor televisions are not meant to handle any weather event, let alone rain or extreme temperatures.

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Séura Outdoor Televisions have a brighter picture, preventing the sun from “washing away” the image. In-fact these televisions are three times brighter than any indoor TV.



What Makes Séura The Best On the Market?

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Séura offers the largest and thinnest outdoor televisions available. At an amazing 86 inches,  Séura is not playing when it comes to screen size. These TVs are HUGE, but yet thin. Their thin and sleek frame makes it easy to place this TV where you want it.

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Not only does Séura Outdoor TVs have a brighter picture than traditional indoor TVs, they have the brightest picture in the outdoor television market as well. You are guaranteed a superior picture when you buy a Séura, and not just because of its brightness. An Adaptive picture technology makes sure your picture is just right. Séura Outdoor TVs also feature 4k UHD and HDR technologies.

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When it comes to weather, Séura’s TVs are the only outdoor TVs on the market with an actual IP rating for outside use. This is a significant, because these TVs were actually tested for outdoor use.

Hands down, this is the television you want for outside. Superior picture, actual IP rating, and unparalleled brightness making it the best choice for your outside entertainment. Contact us today to learn more.