Smart TV or Apple TV?

With so many streaming device options, it can be difficult to choose a device that’s fast, has a variety of media, and easy to use. As a result, some people will go with a Smart TV because they often think it’ll be more user friendly. With that being said, there’s something we’d like to clear up.

Why would you want to spend so much on a Smart TV, when you could spend a little over $100 for the 4th generation Apple TV?

Many of our Bluffton and Hilton Head clients ask why we recommend using Apple TV streaming devices over a Smart TV which already has smart options that come neatly bundled within the newer HDTV sets.

The main reason has to due with simplicity. We want our clients to feel as comfortable with their audio video products as possible.

We understand that having to navigate through some TV’s Smart Hub, or internal media streamer, for a near 10 minutes just to watch Downtown Abby on Netflix, doesn’t quite qualify as a simplistic A/V lifestyle. We don’t want to do it, so why are we going to ask our clients to?

Pair this with the fact that most of us now have some type of A/V system alongside our TV set and the situation becomes even more complicated.

If any other audio video installer out there has ever tried to add the smart functions of a “Smart TV” to a Universal Remote Control, you know exactly what we’re talking about. The two are rather difficult to pair and what you’ll end up with is frustration and multiple service calls.

Although Smart TV’s are a good idea, TV manufacturing companies have dropped the ball and now force people into the realm of external streamers.

The Apple TV is amazing! This baby turns any dumb TV into the Stephen Hawking of smart devices.

We guarantee if you have a Smart TV, you paid more for that extra software than you would for an Apple TV. Not to mention, once all said and done, your Smart TV is an idiot in comparison to what the Apple TV can do. Why?

You’ll be able to stream iTunes and Apple Music directly through an Apple TV. A Smart TV can’t do that!

You can use voice command to request a movie title on an Apple TV Siri powered remote. Yea, Smart TVs can’t do that either.

The reality is that a $150 Apple TV 4th generation currently has the ability to access over 2,500 apps and games; a Smart TV doesn’t even come close to having all that.

We almost forgot, that smart phone you have. Yea, the one you can’t live without. Well, you can control the Apple TV with that thing. Again, you can’t do that with a Smart TV.

Look, we’re not telling you not to buy a Smart TV, we’re just saying there are other options out there that may give you a more user friendly experience, like the Apple TV. If you’re a local in Bluffton or Hilton Head, stop by or give us call. We’ll show you the difference between a streaming device and a Smart TV, then you can choose for yourself.