Sonos Changes Prices – Again

Sonos prices on the rise yet again. It comes as no surprise, as the company hinted at a possible price increase earlier in the year. The anticipation came after tariff increases on Chinese manufactured goods, causing a 19% hit on earnings. The company states that Sonos prices increase is not exactly about the “one time hit” of the tariff, but for the diversification of production for the future. The company states “Sonos has been on a journey to diversify it’s supply chain and expand production into ne countries in a manner that is sustainable and supports long-term growth.”

With the expansion in Malaysia, Sonos, however is only increasing the prices to these two products on U.S. ground only. All other Sonos dealers including Canada will remain unaffected.



The price increase only effects two products; the Sonos Amp and the Sonos Port. The Amp will now cost $649. And the Port is set at $449. Which leaves a price increase of $50 on each product. The rest of Sonos products will remain the same price.

If you are looking to upgrade your Sonos equipment you can take advantage of a 30% discount with Sonos Trade Up Program.


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The price increase is set for January 9, 2020. So you still have time to purchase the amp or the port before the price change.




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