Sony TV System Software Update

There’s a new Sony TV system software update that you’re TV will probably prompted you to download. The update consist of various benefits, but each TV has a little something different. Mostly, the update is for the system software to Android M (Marshmallow) and to improve general performance of the TV (more user friendly). If you’re interested in a more detailed explanation, visit Sony’s System Software Update page and plug in your model number.

How do I update my TV?

Your TV is going to tell you when it needs to update, but it’s going to ask for your permission first. You’ll likely get a message like this,

“ A new software update is available. The update may take up to 15 minutes to complete. you will not be able to use the TV during the update. Would you like to update now?”

You’re going to need your SONY TV REMOTE, the one that came with the TV. Not your cable remote, not your Universal Remote –  the Sony remote. Then all you have todo is UPDATE NOW, then you’re done. It say’s it can take up to 15 minutes, but we’ve seen it last up to 30 minutes, or more. So, don’t stress out if it takes a little longer.
If you get stuck, or have any other questions, just give AIC a call.

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